Located in the historic Southside district of Chattanooga, Chestnut Properties developing commercial properties for over 25 years. With a love for historic buildings and original architecture, we have believed and invested in the Southside of Chattanooga long before it became the happening area it is today.

Each building and space that Chestnut Properties offers has been specifically restored with dignity to keep it’s original composition and style. The spaces have been repurposed, updated, and are maintained with quality to keep to the original historic look to the Main Street area, all the while, with a new modern twist.

We know how important a company’s identity is, and choosing the right home for your business is one of the most important identity actions a business can effect. With many different unique sites, Chestnut Properties takes satisfaction in making your business’s new home your pride. Expressive, soulful, contemporary and exciting spaces, Chestnut Properties is bound to have the perfect location for your business.

The flourishing Southside area of Chattanooga is home to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, Finley Stadium Park, The First Tennessee Pavilion, Sanctuary Skatepark, as well as many blooming restaurants, retailers, housing, parks, and small businesses. Contact us and see what the buzz is all about. We can’t wait to show you around.ベスタル 腕時計 VESTAL THE BRIG BRG016
●代引き不可光の楽園 (711A450-16) アーバンブランチツリー 1.9 93685
コクヨ SEQUENCE(シークエンス)専用 デスクトップパネル フロントパネル HSNクロス貼り 幅1400mm用 高さ700(机上350)mm【SDV-SE147HSN-N】
オーダーフレーム モールディング【I-3017 黒】Iランク額縁内寸法 縦+横の計 1301〜1400mmまで
ET1000S40LC2 「直送」【代引不可?他メーカー同梱不可】 StarTech ギガビットイーサネット対応光メディアコンバータ 1000BASE-T(RJ45) – 1000BASE-LX(シン
HYDRO LIFE(ハイドロライフ)ポータブル水素水生成ボトル《あす楽》【送料無料・ポイント20倍】水素水ボトル 水素水サーバー 水素水ボトル ウォーターサーバー 浄水器
★期間限定ポイント2倍★PLZ-ERMP40EM三菱電機 業務用エアコン 標準省エネ天井カセット4方向 1.5馬力 シングル三相200V ワイヤードスリムER★在庫状況はお問合わせ下さい★
★ポイント最大7倍★【全国配送可】-滅菌コンテナー L PTFEフィルタータイプ 580×280×150mm 型番PTFE-15-L  JAN4580110273526 asn8-5143-03 –
■ F031 PETIT DESK OAK×BLACK (F031 プチ デスク オーク×ブラック) 【別途送料が掛かります】 【ポイント10倍】